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Control noise with acoustic panels and more

North East Ceilings in Banchory offer a range of acoustic solutions for homes and businesses across Aberdeenshire. Contact our team today to find a solution for your property.

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Acoustic insulation experts

When you’re looking to create a comfortable and productive office space, acoustics might not be something you have thought of. However, minimising outside sounds, echoes and background noise can really make a difference to how effectively people work. At North East Ceilings we specialise in supplying and fitting acoustic wall and ceiling panels for offices across Aberdeenshire. We work in buildings large and small, contact us today to arrange a free quote.

We can also help with:

sound recording studio
Fibreglass insulation installed in the sloping ceiling of a house

Insulation solutions

Placing an acoustic barrier in the gap of a suspended ceiling prevents the transfer of noise outside the room. This is ideal for if you have rooms where conversations need to stay private, or noise needs to be kept inside to avoid disturbing others. Our insulation solutions are fully tested, meet all fire safety regulations and are fibre-free. Contact our team in Banchory to find the best solution for your workplace.

Insulation solutions
Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles

For workplaces that need full control of acoustics and sound pollution, our acoustic ceiling panels offer the ideal solutions. Specially engineered to control the spread and effect of sound, these panels come in a range of perforated and fabric designs to suit your aesthetic requirements.

Depending on how much control you require, we offer many tiles with varying degrees of sound absorption.

Aluminium panel suspended ceiling
Dry Lining
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Dry lining

Like ceilings, your walls’ construction and materials will have an impact on how sound travels. In large echoey rooms, busy offices, crowded restaurants or even home theatres, can make a great deal of difference to people using the space. Our range of specially constructed and fire safe dry lining panels come in a range of sound absorption levels, depending on the type of environment and the results you require. Contact us today to find out more.

Need acoustic panels for your home or workplace? Call North East Ceilings today for a free quote.

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